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The Living Acupuncture will bring out the wisdom of ancient Asian medicine into a modern system in making your physical and spiritual well-being balanced. The Living Acupuncture proudly pursues its mission by: Jung K. Kim, L.Ac. Practitioner · Respecting human dignity, life and advocating an environment of justice and love with a special concern for the poor. · Providing excellence and quality healthcare to all whom it serves. · Fostering the physical, spiritual, and social well-being of patients and building social network to support them as the Living Acupuncture community. · Promoting health and well-being of the sick and others in need through responsible stewardship, education and community service. · Providing cost effective, quality healthcare by promoting the effort within the practice. In order to effectively accomplish this mission, The Living Acupuncture is dedicated to supporting the growth and development of our practice through collaboration with other community agencies who participate in the delivery of quality healthcare services. the center of wellness. Living Acupuncture, Welcome to the Jung K. Kim, L.Ac. is a Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of California. Mr. Kim has been dedicating community of City of Burbank since 2002. He specialized in Sasang Constitutional Medicine by researching and practicing in an advanced internship in Samra Clinic of Oriental Medicine. He is also actively researching Classical Asian Medicine as a member of Meditree Academy. His enthusiasm about Asian Medicine leaded him to a great connection between Sasang Constitutional Medicine and Classical Asian Medicine. He has been actively participating with Lakeside Medical Group and Healthcare Partner Medical Group as an acupuncture specialist. He had privileged for managing stroke rehabilitation by Doctors Hospital in West Covina. His practice has been focused on pain management (back pain, and headache), stroke rehabilitation, and stress management. Kyoung Shin Lee, L.Ac. DAOM Kyoung shin Lee, L.Ac.DAOM received her Doctoral Degree in Oriental Medicine at Emperor’s College, Santa Monica, CA. Before she received her Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine from Dongguk Royal University, Los Angeles, graduating with the highest honor, she majored in Psychology and Social Behavior in University of California at Irvine. Doctor Lee has been dedicating in Administration department of Emperor’s College in Orietal Medicin e , Santa Monica, CA since 2003. She also practiced in Rehabilitation center at Good Samarithan Hospital, L.A. She has been practicing in the Living Acupuncture Clinic as a staff acupuncturist since 2002. She is licensed by the California Acupuncture Board and the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Her practice has been focused on chronic digestive problems, boosting individual immunity and balancing hormone system through the natural herbal remedies. Relieve tension and pain: Conditions We Treat Headache, Neck pain, Shoulder pain, Elbow pain, Wrist pain, Thoracic pain, Lower back pain, Sciatica, Joint pain due to Arthritis. Stress management: Anxiety and Depression, Sleeping disorder, High blood pressure due to stress Women Health: Polycystic ovarian syndrome, Fibroid, Amenorrhea, Improving reproductive Fertility, Inducing Birth, Improve hormone balance Strengthen immunity: Manage cold and allergy symptoms, Fatigue syndrome Improve digestive system: GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Chronic digestive disease), IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) Cupping therapy: Cupping therapy is an ancient treatment in which a local suction in a cup shaped device is put on the skin to mobilize blood flow in order to promote healing blockage causing tension and pain. Suction is created using heat (fire) or mechanical devices (hand or electrical pumps ) . Treatments Acupuncture: Acupuncture is an insertion of very fine needles in different points of the body to balance the flow of Qi. It is part of a complete medical system and an integrated approach to health maintenance and treatment of disease. According to the National Institute of Health, over one million people in the US receive acupuncture annually. Recent research has found evidence that acupuncture points are strategic conductors along these pathways through acupuncture enables electromagnetic signals to be relayed at a greater rate than under normal conditions. These signals may start the flow of pain-killing biochemicals, such as endorphins, and of immune system cells to specific sites in the body that are injured or vulnerable to disease. Herbs: Eastern herbal therapy is a primary component of Eastern Medicine. Herbs include plants, minerals, and animal products. There are over 7,000 herbs identified in Asia and about 400 of these are commonly used in the U.S. today. Moxibustion: Moxibustion is a type of Asian medicine therapy using moxa made from dried mugwort (Artemisia argyi). It applies warmness into our body to boost blood circulation and immunity in the traditional medical systems of China (including Tibet), Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and Mongolia. Suppliers usually age the mugwort and grind it up to a fluff; practitioners burn the fluff or process it further into a cigar-shaped stick. They can use it indirectly, with acupuncture needles, or burn it on the patient's skin. Tuina (Therapeutic massage): Tuina is a type of Chinese therapeutic massage applied on specific acupuncture points, along a channel or meridian, or a whole area of the body. Although best known for its capacity to help body aches, joint problems, back pain, and neck stiffness, Tuina can also help with many disorders, such as insomnia and indigestion.
Testimonial I have severe osteoarthritis in most of the joints in my body due partially to heredity and repeated injury as a dancer. Five months ago I was told that my right hip would require a total hip replacement. I asked pain management to send me to an acupuncturist rather than taking pain medication. My life changed when I met Dr. Jung Kim. I have been a patient for five months and the relief of pain in my hip cannot be expressed in words. My pain level has decreased and I am on less anti-inflamatories every month. Dr. Jung Kim is patient, kind and very thorough. He has helped me so much and I am so thankful I found him. If you are thinking about making an appointment with Dr. Jung Kim, you won’t regret that you did. Karen In March of 2005, I experienced a relatively painful sinus blockage, Which resulted in a week long headache and constantly shifting Head pain. I had these same symptoms 9 months earlier. At that time I went to a typical ear, nose & throat doctor and received various antibiotics and nose sprays, which didn’t seem to work. When the symptoms flared up again, I decided to try a different approach and went to an acupuncturist (Jung K. Kim, Ac.). After two weeks of treatment I felt much better and after three weeks. The symptoms disappeared. Lazar Saric I knew nothing about acupuncture when I met Dr. Kim, except that a woaman of my acquaintance, in her mid eighties, was facing back surgery and her surgeon had suggested she have acupuncture to make sure she was strong enough for the surgery. Dr. Kim said he was not so surprised as I was that surgeons are making such recommendations, and he was pleased to hear that the woman followed the suggestion and had successful, even triumphant results from the surgery. Another woman who has been enjoying and benefiting from Dr. Kim’s services for some time told me she recently went there with considerable pain and Dr. Kim asked how she rated it from one to ten. She found it a useful method of determining her pain level. She said, “Eleven”, and on her next visit, “Five”, and the following visit, “Two . With Dr. Kim and his patients, the great relief from pain and restriction on activity is multiplied by the absence of medications. Dr. Kim offers special time on Saturday afternoons to seniors with Medicare. Ann Hoyt IDear Dr. Jung Kim I want thank you for your kind, gentle, treatments re Acupuncture. Treating my painful ankles, my digestive problems and also helping me with my anxiety disorder. You were helpful in guiding me to breathing techniques, and pressure points. I am planning to continue treatments on an on-going basis. I am recommending you to my friends for treatments with you. Sincerely, Frances Shrock More than six years ago I damaged my spine during a water-skiing accident. I opted not to have surgery and with time I learned to live with the pain. Recently, however, I re-damaged the same area of my back. The pain became acute and would not allow much relief, especially at night. My family doctor recommended Dr. Jung Kim, hoping his techniques would relieve the pain that medicine won’t help with. As it turns out, a 45 to 60-minute session relieves pain at the original site but also relieves radiant/ transient pain in my shoulders, lower back and neck. Dr. Kim’s techniques have given me back the life I knew before the injury. I strongly recommend his professionalism and abilities in a field that I, for one, originally had doubts about. May he help you as he has me. Thank you. Ray Dick I have been a patient of Jung Kim for numerous years. He has treated me at different times for various injuries and pain related matters. These have included in park pain caused by arthritis, herniated discs, sinus issues, and severe pain issues from a broken back injuy. Dr. Kim has succeded in giving me relief from my pain issues where others have failed and has done so without the dangers of prescription medication. Dr. Kim has always been professional and honest with me and the many others that I have referred to his care. I find Dr. Kim to be one of the finest Medical Professionals that I have ever come into contact with. S . K . Conrad